Aakash Patel

Aakash Patel


“When I play, I want people to become lost in the music, in the sound, in the story of the piece…”

Aakash Patel, is a young violinist from Carrollton, Texas.  His passion for music led him to pick up the violin at eleven years of age.  He began teaching himself how to play the instrument through internet websites and then joined his school orchestra.  His teachers urged him to audition for the Dallas Symphony Young Strings Program and he was then given the opportunity to take private violin lessons.

Aakash was motivated only by his passion for the violin, and it was not long before he began to receive accolades from all that heard his performances.   His portfolio of awards includes first prize Dallas symphonic senior sonata division, first prize DSO Friedlander Concerto competition three years in a row, and first prize DSO Young Strings Scale and Etude competition. Aakash also received first prize in the Dallas Symphonic  Senior Concerto Division.

Though he was self taught at the outset, Aakash credits his talent to his violin instructors, Mr. Emanual Borok, Sachiko Mori, and Jennifer Seagraves.  He has additionally studied with  Ken Goldsmith, Lucie Robert, Masuko Ushioda, and Felicia Moye.

Aakash’s memorable performances include masterclass with Ida Haendel and Jan Mark Sloman, and his opportunities to play as concertmasters in the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra.  In summer 2012, Aakash accompanied the GDYO on their German tour, where he played the solo part to Rimsky-Korsakov’s Capriccio Espagnol. In January of 2013, Aakash made his solo debut performing the Saint-Saens Violin Concerto no. 3 in B minor with the Dallas Symphony orchestra as a part of the NPR Radio Show, “From the Top.” On that same show, Aakash also premiered a piano trio written by young composer, Chase Dobson.

Aakash offers humble thanks and gratitude to his family, friends, instructors, and the DSO Young Strings program for their ongoing and continued support.


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